Singapore is an amazing place! In all my travels I’ve never experienced a place quite like this. The city/state of Singapore only has about 6 million people…but they really have something special.

Singapore is a country of laws. Perhaps you’ve heard a few of the stories. It seems that abiding by the law is a matter of national pride.

Littering is illegal. There is no litter anywhere. None!

Traffic rules and laws are enforced. In a crowded city we heard one horn honked. Everyone seems to use turn signals. Drivers stop at intersections when the light turns yellow. The highways are immaculate. No roadside debris anywhere.

The Marina Bay Area includes an incredible Supertrees Grove. The nightly show is spectacular.

Supertree Grove in Singapore's Marina Bay

Singapore Supertrees

Cabbies and Uber drivers must be Singapore citizens and treat their riders likes guests. Amazing. Every Uber ride was like a private tour.

Best of all the people were the friendliest I have ever met. Every casual encounter included a smile.

The city is far more developed than I expected. The central city skyline is magnificent. Really cool buildings. Shopping on a scale I would never have expected.

Infinity Pool at Singapore's Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Singapore Infinity Pool

The pool photo is from the 58th floor of the Marina Bay Sands hotel. Check out the infinity pool with the 58 floor drop off!

Its no surprise to me that Singapore was recently selected the #1 city in the world to visit. For more info visit their tourism page here.