Preparing for your Headshot Session

You rarely get a second chance to make a first impression. This is even more of the case in our digital world. It only takes a few seconds to form an opinion and decide whether to meet someone, “Swipe Right”, or do business with a company or individual. We are often asked, “How can I look my best for my headshot portrait?”.

Here is some info to help you prepare for your session!

We recommend you make an appointment with your hairstylist about a week before your session for a fresh cut and color. In Park City, we recommend Angela at Studio 101. You can reach her at (435) 513-7826.

Professional hair and makeup for your session takes the pressure off of you and sets a great tone. We have seen the added layer of stress that comes with doing your own makeup. Professional hair and makeup will remove this variable and take us right into capturing great photos.

What you wear for your session makes a difference! It’s critical to look and feel confident In the clothing you select. This confidence will show in your photos! Well-fitted, quality attire is essential. Solids, darks, and neutrals photograph best and are the most flattering. Solid white can pull attention away from your face.

A basic headshot will be cropped above the waist. Pick a top that fits your style. You may need to match a look chosen by your company, so be sure to confirm if there is a requirement, such as a jacket and a tie. Ladies, pick the top of your choice and be sure to accessorize. Earrings, necklaces, and scarves help add variety and sparkle.

Personal Branding sessions include various looks, clothing changes, and cropping ranging from closeup to full-length. Dress from head to toe. Bring accessories. Jewelry, hats, glasses, vests, and sweaters can quickly change the look of an outfit. If you’re not sure…bring it along.

Branding sessions are all about showing you doing what you do. The clothes you select for your branding session help convey your branding message. Select clothing that helps tell the viewer something about you. Are you traditional, casual, or athletic? Be sure to include multiple outfits in a variety of styles.

Consider bringing items you use as part of your daily routine! The tools of your trade, such as your planner or journal, laptop, and glasses, help us tell your story. Food or drinks that you enjoy, like coffee or tea…or even bring your favorite cocktail! If your dog is your constant companion, bring them too!

They say that good sleep fixes everything. A good night’s rest is vital to look and feel refreshed. Wake up feeling great, and let’s take some fresh photos!

A phone or Zoom conversation with your photographer before your session can be very helpful. We can help answer questions about clothing, branding, ways to use your photographs, etc. Tell us what you need, and we will help plan photography that meets your needs and fits your budget.

Your look should be engaging and approachable. Research suggests it takes just a second to determine traits like trustworthiness. Think about who your target market is. Who will look at your photograph? What message do you want to convey to them?

Don’t allow yourself to come up with an excuse to reschedule. You know you need this new headshot. You owe it to yourself to make this happen! Give yourself a pep talk, take a deep breath, and commit to this day! Any last-minute hesitation only delays the rewards of having great branding images.

You did it! You’ve completed the hard work. Now relax. We’ll turn on some music and enjoy the session. Let us fuss about how everything looks. We will work together to be sure you get exactly what you want!