The Creative Fee

The creative fee pays for the time and talent of the photography team and varies according to the time allotted, location, and complexity of the session.

The creative fee includes a pre-session design consultation to plan your session, photography services to complete the session as planned, and the editing and file preparation needed to present one view and order appointment.

The creative fee does not include any digital or physical products, except if included as a gift, charity certificate, or special offer. You will make your selections and finalize your purchase at the view and order appointment scheduled for you. The creative fee is due when the session is scheduled and confirms your appointment time on our calendar.

Commissioning a Portrait Session

Commissioning a portrait session is done by paying a retainer which includes the creative fee plus an additional deposit, known as a print or order credit, which is applied to the client’s order. Certain sessions may incur additional charges, which may be added to the invoice for travel, lodging, admission fees, contractors, insurance riders, and other costs that are not a part of normal portrait creation services.


The consultation is an essential part of our preparation and is included in the creative fee. We need to know precisely what you are looking for and what you wish to do with your photographs. It is helpful to learn as much as possible about your family and their favorite activities and interests. We will discuss clothing choices, locations, and scheduling at your consultation. When your session day arrives, we’ll have a plan in place, so everything goes smoothly – which means less stress for you.

To be completely prepared for each session, clients who cannot attend a consultation here at the studio agree to complete a phone or video consultation approximately two weeks before their session.

Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy

We respect your health and the health of our staff. If you or a member of your family or group is sick, has a positive virus test, or has another illness or personal emergency, you may cancel any appointment with no penalty. You agree that Walsh Photographic Design may apply the same policy if we are sick or must reschedule due to illness, positive test, or personal emergency. If we arrive at an assignment or appointment and a subject is ill or has had a positive virus test, we reserve the right to cancel and reschedule the appointment or session.

If you choose to cancel your portrait session before being photographed and do not wish to reschedule a future session, you will receive a refund of any fees or retainers pre-paid.

Sessions canceled due to inclimate weather may be rescheduled at no additional charge, subject to our availability.

Your Session

No cameras or recording devices, including cell phone cameras, are permitted during our sessions. Please share this request with anyone attending your session. You may take a few behind-the-scenes photos with your phone as long as the photographer clearly appears in all your photos.

Image Selection

While we capture many images during your session, you will only view those selected by the artist for previewing. Each image is carefully rendered to ensure maximum artistry and technical perfection. Photos with the eyes closed, heads turned, duplicates, etc., will not be shown and are permanently removed from our archives after the artist review is complete.

Your View and Order Presentation

Your session fee includes one View and Order presentation. The view and order appointment is when you will select your favorite images and decide on portrait sizes, collections, and albums. We will help you choose your favorites, select sizes, and design collections. Please ensure all decision-makers are present at the view and order appointment. No proofs (digital or paper) will be provided. If it is impossible for you to attend the view and order appointment, please see “Online Ordering for Out of Town Clients”.

We want you to have a chance to relax and concentrate on the fantastic images we have created for you, so please leave young children at home. Please allow 90 minutes for your appointment.

Online Ordering for Out of Town Clients

If you cannot attend a view and order appointment at the studio, we will schedule an online view and order appointment, using online meeting software. Your call will be scheduled during regular business hours and will take about an hour. You will need to be at a computer with an internet connection. Since you will be viewing and comparing your images, we strongly recommend using a desktop computer.

Placing Your Order and Payments

Payment for your order is due at the view and order appointment. You may pay in full or arrange a payment & delivery schedule that suits your needs. Orders are considered final when the first payment is received. Orders placed using a payment plan will move into final production and printing when one payment remains.

We accept cash, personal check, and major credit cards. Current prices are valid for any order placed within 30 days of the session date. No partial orders will be delivered until the entire order is paid in full.

Order Production and Delivery

All local wall portrait orders include free local delivery and installation. Please allow 4-6 weeks for your portraits to be completed. Delays while waiting for you to approve album layouts or wall portraits may add to production time. When your order is ready, we will schedule either a Framing Appointment or a Delivery Appointment. Out-of-town orders will be shipped via USPS, UPS, or FedEx. Please leave a credit card on file to cover shipping, packaging, and handling charges. Your card will be charged at the time of shipment.

Digital Files and Social Media Images

So that you may share your images on social media websites, social media digital files are provided from each wall portrait or album image. These files are suitable for web-sharing, and social media use only. They may not be reproduced or printed in any other form.

Artwork and Facial Retouching

Normal Artwork – Every printed portrait larger than 10” (a wall portrait) includes complete facial retouching of the eyes, skin, blemishes, and general blending or softening. Images ordered as cards, announcements, or gift sizes receive light enhancement, unless also ordered as a wall portrait.

Custom Artwork – Requests to change backgrounds, exchange faces between images, add or remove people or objects, change clothing colors, remove braces, glasses, tattoos, or jewelry are not considered normal artwork, and custom art charges of $75/hour will apply.

Client Approval Prints – As a courtesy to our clients, we offer the option of an approval print of any wall portrait. If requested, the client may inspect an approval print and make notations of any changes before final printing. Clients who elect not to have an approval print agree to accept our artwork as final.

Custom Albums, Artwork, and Design

Custom products such as albums, card designs, and other layouts will be “proofed” before final submission for printing. Design proofing of layout and font selection may be completed online or by studio visit. Any adjustments or changes to color must be made in person at the studio. Client approval acknowledges acceptance of all changes, including copy, spelling, and typography.

Logo, Signature, and Certificate of Authenticity

The Walsh Photographic Design logo, copyright, and signature may appear on all images. All wall portraits will include a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

Professional Liability

Walsh Photographic Design takes the utmost care with respect to exposure, retouching, and archiving of images. In the unlikely event that we are unable to complete your session due to a data loss, camera equipment malfunction, a photographer’s illness, or other unforeseen circumstances, you agree that studio liability will be limited to a refund of the retainer or a new session can be scheduled at no additional cost to you.

Copyright Law

The original works that Walsh Photographic Design creates for you are copyrighted, and the rights to reproduction remain with the studio. The sale of copyrighted work does not include the sale of rights of reproduction in any form, unless specifically granted in writing by Dennis Walsh, Photographer, Inc., his authorized agent or family. Violations include, but are not limited to, making illegal copies, scanning, printing from home, or downloading from a website. Clients who receive digital files will receive a release specifying the acceptable use of these files.

We wish to maintain the highest levels of quality control over the printing, finishing, and presentation of our images. Any reproduction outside of our control may lower the quality of the image and damage our reputation for providing superior photographic reproductions and portraits.

Our Guarantees

Wall Portrait Sizing –Your wall portraits should be the proper size to look their very best. Provided you have submitted images of your walls to us, we guarantee the proper sizing of your wall portraits. If you choose a wall portrait and, after viewing it for a while, you feel it is either too big or too small, we will exchange it for the size you desire – no questions asked! You only pay the difference in price for a larger size, or we refund the difference if you downsize. Your investment is guaranteed!

Custom Framing Guarantee – Allow us to frame your portrait and we will guarantee both the frame and the portrait against any damage or failure.

Our Promise to You – Our goal is to exceed your expectations in every way! If things don’t go as well as you or we would like, we will do whatever is necessary to make things right. Your satisfaction is our highest priority.