I am occasionally asked by clients if I offer digital files…

I believe in photography – but more than that I believe in photographs. Printed photographs are tangible. We can hold on to them, pass them around, frame them and hang them on a wall. We can make albums to be treasured and looked through by our children for years to come. I am, without a doubt, passionate about creating photographs – real pictures – printed on professional papers or archival canvas – and made into beautiful wall portraits and albums. I want your children, their children, my children and future grandchildren looking at and holding onto tangible photographs. Digital files do not provide this.

I believe the best way to provide exceptional service to all of my clients is to present them with beautiful professionally framed work. Handing them digital files on a USB drive, a DVD or a “digital download link” and sending them on their way is not the best representation of my work or the value I place on photographs.

I believe in printing my work professionally. I am a print artist. The photographs I create are not only precious to my clients but they are precious to me too. It is my work, a lifetime of work that deserves to be printed. Can you imagine a floppy disk, a DVD or a flash drive sitting in a frame representing your family portraits? We can’t touch a file and the truth is we don’t know the longevity of a file or if we will even be able to find it someday. A digital file is a bit of a mystery – if it’s lost, where did it go? If a drive is damaged, what happens to the files? How many people truly back up all their images or ever print their digital files? When was the last time you printed your own pictures? How many pictures do you have on your computer that are still not printed?

I believe in the highest standards of photographic printing. Quality printing is not something the corner drug store or a warehouse store offers. My professional lab has strict quality control and prints my work to my exacting standards. Correct color and density and professional mounting are important for the final product. As a print artist I am a perfectionist when it comes to cropping, color, density, artwork and print quality and choose to maintain control over these variables. Please trust me, I’ve done many side by side comparisons and the differences are huge!

I understand that in this age of digital technology you want to share digital image files through social media and view them on portable devices. For that reason, I offer web-friendly and device optimized images. The images are not formatted for printing and contain a signature watermark. These images are included at no extra charge with every printed image you purchase.