Have you ever taken a photo that didn’t turn out the way you visualized it?


Many friends have told me how disappointed they are when they try printing their digital photographs. Well, there is a technical explanation, but let’s skip that. Really, it’s like cooking. Digital camera files don’t even begin to reach their optimum quality until they are properly prepared or “cooked”.

Put on your chef hat for a moment. A great chef starts with raw ingredients then prepares, seasons and plates them to create an incredible meal. Cooking and photography have a lot in common.

How to Cook A PhotographA great photographer uses fine technique to “season” each photograph to bring out its best. By adjusting exposure, color, contrast, saturation and more, the photographer elevates the quality of his images just like a great chef elevates the quality and taste of his raw ingredients.

Let’s take the analogy a bit further. I can buy my groceries at the same store as a famous chef, but my food won’t look or taste the same! We know you love to cook too, but when it really matters, you call on a professional.

When you ask us to create portraits for you we begin with a plan. We plan the photography session like a chef plans a gourmet meal.

At the photography session we inject our experience, vision and personality.

After the images are taken, we “season” each image to bring out its very best qualities.

But we are not done yet! When you see your images for the first time you will select your favorites…and you will tell us how you would like them “prepared”. Our skilled artist will go to work refining and enhancing your images. The end result will be a feast for your eyes.

In the photography marketplace there are many tastes and many providers. Not all are chefs. There are photographers who choose to just deliver the raw ingredients and there are those of us who prefer to take more time and use our skills and expertise to prepare the best possible photographic experience for you.

Are you are ready for a taste of what a great photography experience can be? Click here and we will be glad to make you a  reservation.