“A Quiet Saw” was born out of a recent conversation that I had with a past client. His friend’s dad unexpectedly passed away recently and he wanted to give him something that could be a reminder of his dad’s life. The dad had impacted the lives of his family and those he taught as a life long educator. Not only did he build individuals, he was a skilled craftsman building a number of homes where he raised his family. Operating saws were a constant at his home and at the homes of his children as he helped them with their personal projects.

We discussed several concepts on what we could create and decided upon a piece that would celebrate a wonderful life. We also wanted show how much he would be missed. We came up with a picture of table saw that looked like the project was left incomplete.

This project, “A Quiet Saw”, has given me the opportunity to reflect on life. Looking back on 2020, we gained a better appreciation for the present and those that are with us. We never know when someone will walk into or out of our lives. What we can control is what we do with the time we are with them. Many projects, like life, are left in various stages of completeness, we should make sure that we focus on what really matters most – family and our relationships with those that are around us. Whether it was leaving a meal on a doorstep or picking up some needed toilet paper, we found new ways to stay connected and to serve others.

For those that have a quiet saw, dining room table, passenger seat, or living room couch, our hearts are with you. Our wish is that 2021 will fill your hearts with good memories and bring laughter to your soul.