Here we are again…it’s October and the busiest season of the year is upon us. We hear it in the voices of our Mom’s…there’s so much on the calendar already. Soon it will be 2017. OMG!

I feel it too – in my business and personal life. Here at Walsh Photography we’ve decided how many sessions we will shoot and what days and times they will fall on. When we are booked up, we will know that’s enough. To us, quality is more important than crazy. There is a limit on the amount of “busy” that we can handle before something else suffers.

We hope that when you look at your calendar you will intentionally find lots of things to celebrate the season…and fewer things to stress about.

When we opened our first studio we knew we wanted a high quality, relationship focused business. I am forever thankful we made that choice.

At this time of year we make a conscious attempt to slow down and take special care of our client families. Building these great client relationships takes time…learning to enjoy and trust one another. Good relationships last for years. Today our long-term clients are the life-blood of our studio.

To all of our Walsh families – we have reserved sessions just for you. Thank you for allowing us to share your family memories for all these years.

If you are new to Walsh Photography, we would love to hear from you. There won’t be a ton of open spots, and we expect them to be gone very soon. If a Walsh portrait is on your holiday wish list, contact us soon.

The idea for this post came after reading the words of Allison Rodgers of Allison Rodgers Photography in Germantown, Tennessee. Allison’s talent as a writer and photographer inspires me. When it comes to caring for our clients we are on the exact same page! You can see some of Allison’s wonderful work at