Donations to charity have always been a big part of our business. Giving back to our community matters to us. This year we have made it our goal to significantly increase our donations to charity, including non-profits and various community fundraisers. We spend quite a bit of time trying to connect with the organizers of these events…but we still miss some. So, we are asking for your help!

If you have a favorite charity that needs a donor for their auction or fundraising event please give us their contact information. If you prefer, have them reach out to us. Our number is (435) 649-4523. We have had great success helping some of our favorite charities raise significant amounts of money…and we would love to help your favorites too. Let us know how we can help. Auctions and fundraisers are not “one size fits all” events. We will tailor an offer to fit the specific needs of each event.

Here is the way we approach fund raising for our charities. Our goal to help each charity raise substantial amounts of money. Our auction offers have significant value….enough to raise hundreds and often thousands of dollars.

Walsh Photographic Design has been serving the Park City community for nearly 25 years. We are well known in the community for our lifestyle photography…and contributors know they will have a great experience and get a great value when they purchase a Walsh auction item. We like to think that this is the perfect “win-win”. Our charities have a valuable offer to sell and the buyers get a great experience, a great product and a significant savings.

Donations to Charity

If you are not familiar with our photography, please head on over to If you would like to see what our clients have to say just click here. You can also find an abbreviated list of charities we have supported by clicking here.

By the way, we have lots of clients in the Salt Lake Valley too. If your event is held in Salt Lake City or the surrounding areas, please consider giving us a call!