How do we choose our favorite images?

Shortly after your photography session we will schedule your Image Premier appointment. This is the time where you will view and select your favorite images. The Image Premier appointment is so much fun! It is really great to share in the excitement of seeing your portraits come to life on the screen.

Why a Projection System?

Because it is the best way to compare and select images. The software makes it easy to answer almost any question. It’s visual, it’s accurate and it’s fast. Our clients love seeing and choosing their favorite images this way.

Projection Eliminates the Stress and Confusion

At the Image Premier you will see all your images and, with our help, quickly choose your favorites. You can…

  • View favorites side-by-side for comparison.
  • Zoom in to see small details
  • See images cropped in different ways.
  • See any image in any size
  • Build groupings of images
  • See an image or collection of images in your own home. That really helps you to pick the right sizes!

There isn’t much we can’t do to help you.

Your Image Premier Appointment – Time to Pick Favorite Images

Your Image Premier is a one-time appointment, so be sure to bring anyone who needs to be a part of the decision making process, especially Dad. It’s his family too! Dad’s tell us all the time….”this was really a great way to see our photos…I’m glad I came”

Taking Pictures of Walls In Your Home

It is really great to show your choices displayed on the walls of your home. It is the ideal way to be sure you have the appropriate size for your portraits. All you need to do is take some cell phone photos of the walls you are considering, and send them to us. Here is a short guide explained how to do it! Click here to see the guide!

Do You Live Out of Town?

Did we do your portraits while your were visiting from out of town?  Here is how you can have the same great experience, from your home.