Team Headshots

Team and Staff Headshots

5 Reasons to choose us for your headshots

  • WE CARE. No, seriously. Our mission is to empower businesses and help brands grow.
  • WE ARE PREPARED. Hair spray for flyaways, powder for touch-ups, lint-rollers, portable mirrors…you name it, we have it. The final result of every image is our responsibility, and we take that responsibility seriously.
  • YOUR TEAM WILL LIKE US. Our photographers aren’t just talented; they are friendly, kind, and fun to be around. Even people nervous about being photographed will laugh and relax in no time.
  • A SEAMLESS EXPERIENCE – We work quickly and use every tool we can to make your life easier. Online scheduling, instant image viewing and selection, online delivery, and more will ensure that you aren’t stuck fielding dozens of emails from your team about the photos afterward. We take the workload off of your back.
  • YOU WILL LOVE THE PHOTOS – We know that most people in the office are about as excited for picture day as they are for a dental appointment, but once your team sees what we can do, no one will feel that way again.

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Team and Staff Headshots Include

  • One-look headshot session per team member (5-10 minutes)
  • Facial expression coaching for incredible results
  • Multiple poses and expressions to choose from
  • Instant viewing and selection of images on-site
  • Files renamed to include each subject’s name
  • One professionally edited, high-resolution image per team member
  • A private online gallery for delivery or secure file transfer
  • Online headshot tips to help your team prepare for their session
  • Convenient online scheduling of appointments