Why We Should Talk

A great photographer always wants to learn as much as possible about his subjects, before the actual photography session. Having a short talk about the subjects, in this case your family, is how we gather this valuable information. The small details we learn can make a big difference!

A comfortable room to discuss your portrait session

You Probably Aren’t A Model…

Most of our clients aren’t used to being photographed. Some are even a little camera shy. Maybe they still have flashbacks of school pictures (yuck!). It’s safe to say that having a stranger point a camera at you is not the best way to get relaxed, natural expressions.

Let’s Get Acquainted

Our goal is to create beautiful portraits with pleasing, natural expressions. That’s why we always take the time to talk and interact with our subjects before we ever begin photography. Maybe the President can only spare 5 minutes for his portrait, but most of our clients aren’t in that big a hurry. We know that getting to know the family is the key to great portraits. That’s why it’s so helpful to have a little talk about your family before the day of the photography session.

Our pre-session talk gives us an opportunity to get acquainted and ask questions of one another. We will cover lots of ground, with emphasis on your family.

Besides getting acquainted, we want to answer all your questions and concerns. We will also …

  • agree on the best location for your session. We might use your home, a mountain meadow, our beautiful gardens, the studio or one of many great Park City locations.
  • answer your questions about clothing styles and the look you want in your portrait
  • show you examples of portrait sizes and finishes
  • go over pricing and payment options
  • complete the client agreement and releases

We never want a client to be “surprised” about anything. (I hate surprises, except the good kind!) It’s unlikely, but possible, that we discover we are not a good match for each other. That’s ok! Finding out now allows us to part as friends…and that’s better for both of us.

The time we spend talking about the family and answering your questions allows you to get comfortable with us. That way, when we meet for the session, we are not strangers and you will be relaxed, knowing that we know exactly what you want.

Things We Like to Know

To help us know more about your family “dynamics” we ask some simple questions. Your answers help us to learn a little about everyone in the family. These little bits of information can really help break the ice with children and reluctant Dads.

Children are very important. We love to hear about their likes…and dislikes! So please, tell us about…

  • Favorite things, toys, activities, places.
  • Personality traits – shy, outgoing, sassy, sweet.
  • How do the kids get along? Any dominant personalities?
  • Who likes to do what?
  • Your favorite family activities.
  • Your favorite places.

If we are photographing an extended multi-generation group, we will want to know where everyone is from…and, of course, some family details. At the least, we want to know everyone’s names and relationships…plus any other tidbits you wish to share!

Taking the time to meet before your session is the single best thing you can do to prepare for a great experience. We are looking forward to meeting you!