What Are Portrait Finishes?

A Walsh portrait is visibly different…it’s not just a photograph, it is a fine work of art. Intricate hand-finishing results in a subtle softness in the skin, sparkling eyes, brilliant highlights and soft shadows. Each image has incredible depth — a seamless blend of engaging expressions with beautiful backgrounds. It’s a difference you can see and feel.

Each portrait may be created in one of four unique finishes.

Signature – A beautifully enhanced portrait with a lightly textured photographic surface. This portrait is bonded to archival board, protected with satin glaze and is ready for framing without glass.

Gallery Canvas– The ultimate finish for fine art portraiture. The gallery portrait is bonded to archival artist’s canvas and hand glazed for enhanced protection and richness of color. The gallery portrait is our most popular finish.

Gallery Metal– The portrait is printed directly onto high quality aluminum for a clean and lasting finish. The metallic finish exhibits brilliant colors and deep shadows.

Museum Mount – Our brilliant contemporary finish is ideal for the modern home or commercial space. Either framed or ready to hang on a French cleat, your portraits are fused onto crystal clear 1/4″ thick acrylic bringing depth and complexity unmatched by traditional printing and mounting techniques.

Artisan Painting – A striking blend of traditional photography and painterly art. The finished portrait has a soft palette and rich tones. Your finished art piece is meticulously bonded to archival fine art canvas and embellished with hand brushed acrylic and oils. The framed art piece immediately becomes a family heirloom and the focal point of any room.


Before and After Example of the Artisan Painting