Before and After Retouching Examples

(click on any image to enlarge)

Ok, here is an example of a subject that needed a lot of help. Me! The retouching Sherry did to this image is typical of what we would do to an older adult.

The image on the left had several areas which needed attention. The hair was “fuzzy”. The skin was somewhat blotchy and had a yellow cast. There were some pronounced wrinkles and some puffiness in the face. There were noticeable “bags” under the eyes. The teeth were not as white as I would like. There was some flabby skin in the neck area.

Sherry worked on each of these areas. I think you will agree that the image on the right still looks natural, but is significant improvement over the image on the left.





Here is an example of an image intended for a website “About” page. Chris wanted a very clean look, with an engaging appearance. Chris is a very handsome guy and has a terrific personality. Once again, it starts with choosing a great expression. Once we have the expression, the artwork enhances the good and minimizes any flaws.

In this case we reduced the shine on the skin, brightened the eyes, softened weathered skin and facial lines,  and whitened the teeth.

Chris is a great example of subtle enhancement. We don’t want our clients to look “different”. We just want them to look great.