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Why do I need a headshot?

Whether you’re a corporate executive, entrepreneur, musician, or actor, your headshot is part of your brand. As one of your essential marketing tools, your photograph gets you noticed and encourages people to engage with you. Your headshot shows your personality and helps convey your approachability, friendliness, and professionalism. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Why not make one that people will remember?

What makes a great headshot?

A great headshot is much more than just a likeness. An experienced professional headshot photographer uses technique, composition, and personal skills to bring out your best expressions. To look natural, you need to feel comfortable. A skilled photographer will have the technical side “dialed in” before the first photograph is taken. That way, all the energy is focused on you and your expressions. Only you can bring your personality to a shoot, but a great headshot photographer, like Dennis or Randy, can see it and work with you to evoke warm, spontaneous expressions.

Brand Matching

With the explosive growth of online marketing to your clients and prospects, your headshot allows people to connect a face with a virtual identity. Simple and powerful, a great headshot fits today’s marketing demands and can be used in all areas of your personal branding strategy. Like all strong trademarks, a great headshot will look and feel timeless. However, please keep in mind that styles change, so we’d like to encourage you to update your headshot every year or two so your look stays consistent with your brand and message.

Social Media and other uses for professional headshots

In internet marketing, you always need to put your best face forward. Use your headshot to build your brand’s visibility and connect with potential clients and networks through professional and social media sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, your blog, forum, account profiles, and anywhere else you have an online presence. From the signature of your email to your online profile shot, a professional headshot shows people you care about the details.

Studio and Corporate Sessions

Traditional headshots are used for business communications, advertising, press releases, and websites. With the largest professional studio in the Park City area, we offer the perfect environment for your professional headshots.

Outdoor & On-Location Sessions

Work in the environment that best compliments you and your message. Opt for an outdoor or on-location session if you want to stand out. You will feel relaxed, confident, and free to be you.

Connie Nelson at Alf Engen Ski Museum

Headshot Sessions


Team or Group Sessions

We can accommodate groups of up to seven people in our studio and groups of up to 25 in our seasonal studio gardens.

Many companies ask us to come to their office to create headshots of their entire team. Working with your team at your place of business is efficient and results in the least disruption to your schedule. We are fully equipped to work in any location – indoors or outdoors.  Just give us a call, and we will work out the details.

Pricing for On-Location Team Photography is by quotation – the price will vary according to the time required and the number of people photographed.

“The best photography studio is right around the corner!”

Shari Levitin

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How do I prepare for my headshot session?

The camera shows how you feel, so arrive well-rested and fresh. Have something to eat before you arrive. Most people look and feel better in the morning. Gentlemen, remember to have a clean shave.

What do I wear for my headshot session?

Business Professionals: The answer depends on your style and your business. If you work in a “suit & tie” or dressy environment…or prefer that look…we recommend a medium to dark suit or sport coat. You’ll look good with or without a tie…and we can create images of both looks. For women, we like tops with simple necklines (scoop neck works well) and minimal jewelry. The simpler, the better. Generally, the better fitting and more tailored the outfit, the more professional the portrait. That advice goes for men and women.

If your look is more casual, please feel free to consider this. Pick at least two outfits. Long sleeves are always preferred. Sweaters can soften a look or minimize a bright shirt. Avoid busy patterns, oversized logos, or “trendy” looks unless you are in the fashion business. Neutral colors work well. White shirts or blouses are ok if worn under a sweater or a jacket—our ultimate goal is to bring attention to your face. Bright or white shirts and sweaters draw the eye to the clothing, not the face. The good news is…you can bring as much as you wish…we will be glad to help you make your clothing choices.

Models: Modeling headshots needed for comp cards frequently involve more clothing changes and looks than a single headshot. We recommend bringing several changes of clothing, casual to dressy. We’ll take close-up headshots as well as full-length body shots. Models typically select three or four additional image files beyond the standard headshot package. Like actors, you should consider having a hair and makeup stylist present for your shoot. In your trade, your look is everything! Unless you need just one image, models must should at least select our “Executive” session.

Actors: We recommend solid-color tops with no large designs or logos. Choose colors that contrast with your skin tone, keeping away from pale colors, which can tend to wash out the face. Darker colors will bring attention to your face and expression rather than your clothes. Wearing a shade that complements your eye color is a great way to go too. A stylist can be a big help when changing your “looks”. Consider having a hair and makeup stylist here for your shoot.

What about hair & makeup?

Some women prefer to go to a stylist before the session; others prefer to style their hair. Makeup should be light and natural looking. A light foundation, blush, etc., to even out skin tones is perfect. You can hire a stylist for your shoot and have your hair and makeup done here. We have a spacious, well-equipped dressing room that your stylist will be very comfortable working in. If you are not bringing a stylist, you should arrive with your hair styled.

How long will my session take?

While we block an hour for your session, you will be in and out in less time. Typically, we take a series of photographs, then review the results with you on a computer monitor. Our review helps determine which looks are working best.

Studio and Studio Garden sessions will be able to review and select your images while you are here at the studio. After you have chosen your best expressions, you can go on your way, and we will begin the artwork. What’s “artwork,” and why is it important? Please read the answer to the following question!

Note: Location sessions include a separate view and order appointment the week following your session.

What is artwork and why should I care?

Getting a great headshot is a 2-step process. Step #1 is taking photographs and choosing the best expressions. Step #2 is the “secret sauce” we call artwork (some call it retouching). If your photographer hands over your images after step #1, you are far from getting the best possible results!

So what do we do in artwork that makes your images better? First of all, we have an in-house photographic artist – a specialist. Sherry spends her days making people look their best! Sherry will evaluate each of your images and adjust cropping and color. Then she will begin to “work her magic”. She will fix shiny skin, blemishes, and stray hair. Your skin will be subtly smoothed and enhanced. Your eyes and teeth will be whitened, and things like dark areas under the eyes will be softened. When we are done, you will look amazing! Of course…you can tell us if there is something that you do (or don’t) want to be enhanced.

How long will it take to receive my images?

Our standard turn-around for headshot images is two working days, although we often deliver your files much sooner, depending on our workload.

Rush service and same-day services may be available for an added charge.

What's Not Included in a Headshot Session?

Headshot sessions are specially priced to provide PR-style head and shoulder images. These portraits are perfect for business professionals and their teams, models, actors, and people who would like great photographs for social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or online dating sites.

By their nature, headshot sessions are focused on close-up images. If you want photos from various perspectives, including full-length, action, and interaction with others, please talk to us about a photography session that would include precisely what you need.