Event Headshots

A seamless experience and an incredible value

Brands and businesses are taking advantage of conventions, trade shows, and conferences as the perfect place to offer event headshots to attendees. Companies with large or geographically diverse workforces get consistent results.

Event planners and sponsors provide incredible value while generating leads.

Here’s why you want to add headshots to your event:

  • Consistent headshots for your corporate websites and social media.
  • Sponsors get white-label messaging and lead generation.
  • Same-day image delivery builds excitement and ups the “Wow Factor”!
  • Images are renamed with the subject’s name, saving hours of staff time.

Whether you need headshots for your team during a meeting or want to add incredible value for event attendees while generating new leads, we can help.

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Event Headshot Pricing

Pricing for event and high-volume headshots is by half day/full day. Half day is up to four consecutive hours, a full day is up to eight hours plus a meal break. Each headshot studio can photograph up to 20 people per hour. All headshot packages include basic lead collection and white-lable service to featured sponsors. Additional studios or added days receive a 10% discount. Note: Half Days are only offered in the Park City area and the Wasatch Front.

Headshot Studio – $1650/$3200

Half-day or full-day(s) of headshot studio coverage. Each studio includes a photographer, a complete professional studio, and a choice of backgrounds.

Images taken during the event will be delivered as high-resolution digital files within two working days of event completion. Files are renamed with the name of the person in the photo. Also included are a commercial usage license, a .csv file list of all people photographed, and their contact information.

Instant Headshot Delivery – $500/$900

Up the “Wow Factor” of your headshots with instant delivery. This is the best option when providing headshots as a value-added experience for attendees at a conference, trade show, or meeting. Each subject will have their images delivered directly to their mobile device.

Individual Image Selection – $600/$1100

After your event, we will email each subject a personal gallery of their photographs. they can download their images or make a selection of images for retouching. All selected images will be provided as high resolution via digital download to the client after the event. Retouching is very popular but optional.

Retouching – $18/image

You may wish to provide a retouched image for each person we photograph. This includes removing stray hairs, reducing facial shine, removing blemishes, and lightening dark circles under the eyes. Not available with instant individual delivery.

Hair and Makeup – $1000 (full day only)

To help everyone look their best, we can provide an on-site hair and makeup station so that everyone who gets a headshot has the option of a quick touch-up before they get in front of the camera. (Subject to artist availability)

Headshot Essentials Package – $4,100/day

Full-day, single headshot studio, file organization and renaming, instant delivery, high-resolution images, and a commercial usage license. Single headshot studios can photograph 20 subjects per hour.

Premium Headshot Experience Package – $6499/day

Full-day, single headshot studio. Includes file organization and renaming, instant delivery, high-resolution images, a commercial usage license, and hair and makeup touchups on site. Up to 200 retouched images. A single headshot studio can produce headshots for 150-200 attendees per day.

How many people can you provide headshots for at an event?

Each headshot studio can average about 20 people per hour. This can vary if the flow of subjects is inconsistent. The headshot studio gets more traffic if it is in a common, highly visible area. In most cases, the headshot studio is the busiest thing going on at any conference.
Providing complementary headshots at a conference has about the same effect as giving out free Super Bowl tickets; plan on it being a popular attraction. A single studio can serve between 150 and 200 people in a full day.

Do the photos from events need retouching?

It is all going to depend on the intended use of the images. For a headshot studio that’s intended to add value to an event, you may not need it. We use soft lighting and posing techniques to ensure the images look great straight from the camera. If the images are intended for anything larger than LinkedIn or a website, we recommend retouching so that everyone looks their best.

How are the images delivered?

The photographer will rename each person’s images with their name. This makes identifying photographs a breeze! Once organized, we offer instant image upload, online gallery, or image transfer via Dropbox or Google Drive services. Our client will have complete access to all files and our listing of all people photographed, along with their contact information.

Do you also offer photography of our event?

Absolutely! We have event photographers who understand how to capture what matters most at an event. We also offer step-and-repeat photos and video testimonials.